Mochida Pharma, Gene Techno Science Collaborate to Develop Regenerative Medicine for Rare Disease

The new alliance aims to perform regenerative drug research on congenital isolated hypoganglionosis, a rare intestinal innervation defect. 

Gene Techno Science Co., a research-based, regenerative medicine pharma has signed a collaboration commitment with one of the oldest pharmaceutical groups in Japan, Mochida pharma, to develop new regenerative medicine for the treatment of digestive rare diseases. Gene Techno Science was established on top of some extensive research on immune-related drugs by the Institute of genetic medicine, Hokkaido university in 2001. The company’s R&D group associated with Hokkaido University and reached the market with new immune therapy and cell therapy treatments through collaborations with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, such as Fuji and Mochida pharma among other research centers.

Besides designing novel drugs, the company also produces generic drugs and biosimilars as well. Using stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth or cardiac stem cells, Gene Techno Science has developed eight regenerative medicine pipelines. The most recent one is developed for treating congenital isolated hypoganglionosis in collaboration with Mochida pharma in 2020. Congenital isolated hypoganglionosis is a very rare disease where patients suffer from Intestinal obstruction owing to the lack of nerves in the intestinal wall. By facilitating stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth, the researchers aim to rescue the syndromes with newly obtained nerves. The treatment is now under pre-clinical research.

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