What to Expect from the ASCO20 Virtual Program

Photo Courtesy: ASCO

Taking the COVID-19 pandemic into consideration, last March, the organizers of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), decided to convert their highly regarded annual meeting into a virtual format. Originally scheduled to take place in Chicago for 5 days, the conference will now transpire as an online program between May 29 – 31. Here is a brief preview of what to expect from the event.

The ASCO annual meeting is more than just a scientific congregation of physicians, researchers, and industry professionals reporting on the latest advances in cancer research. It is also an opportunity for education and patient advocacy. While a virtual program may not be an ideal replacement for the in-person meeting to achieve its full potential, the decision is the right one, considering the circumstances. Besides, it offers access to a horde of participants around the globe, who might have otherwise skipped the event. We attempted to give a glimpse of what to look forward to at the conference.

Anticipated Clinical Trial Results

In their official website, ASCO announced some of the top studies to be presented at the meeting. They include:

Plenary Session
Other Sessions
Select Company Presentations
  1. The use of tumor mutational burden (TMB) as a pan-tumor genomic biomarker across a variety of cancers
  2. FMI and Flatiron Health’s clinico-genomic database demonstrating that the combination of TMB and PD-L1 can better predict immunotherapy response in lung cancer patients (TPS2087)


  1. https://meetings.asco.org/am/virtual-program

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