ITRI and Gemseki Agreed on the Collaboration of Licensing Activities

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the applied technology institution in Taiwan, has agreed with Gemseki Inc. (Gemseki) for the collaboration on licensing and partnering of ITRI’s drug candidates and technologies (“assets”). Under the agreement, Gemseki is conducting licensing and business development activities worldwide for ITRI’s assets. Gemseki supports to find strategic partners and helps negotiations for these assets.  

Dr. Chii-Wann Lin, ITRI Vice President and General Director of Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories, comments, “ITRI has a lot of good drug candidates and technologies, and we are looking for partners for these assets. Gemseki has built an innovative business model and shares our vision to make innovation happen in the life science industry. Its established global network is also appealing for us, aligning with our strategy of leveraging worldwide resources. With this collaboration, I believe ITRI can expedite the commercialization of our technologies and making contributions to the world.” 

Mr. Hideyuki Hirama, President and CEO of Gemseki, comments, “It is a great honor to work with ITRI, a prestigious research institution in Taiwan. I am very impressed with ITRI’s R&D capability. Also, I am very fascinated by the leadership that Dr. Lin takes to bring more innovation. We will be seeking partnering opportunities for ITRI’s great assets by utilizing our global network. We are very excited to be able to contribute to the development of the life science industry in Taiwan.”



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