ROSALIND Partners with Two Korean Biotechs to Expand Cancer Research in Asia

US-based bioinformatics company, ROSALIND, formerly known as OnRamp BioInformatics, announced a partnership with two Korea-based biotech companies, Geninus and HELiXrUS, to provide a single cell data analysis solution to cancer researchers in Asia. 

Geninus, a spin-off of Samsung Genome Institute, focuses on cancer precision medicine. HELiXrUS Inc. is a digital healthcare and multi-omics biotech based in Seoul.


Direct Measurement of Gene Expression at Single Cell Resolution

Geninus intends to merge ROSALIND’s platform with its single cell RNA sequencing solution to further interpret the data and synchronize them with labs across the globe. The combined product would be able to directly measure gene expression and genetic alteration at scale with single cell resolution to quantify intracellular heterogeneity and characterize cell types, states, and cellular transition dynamics. It can support analysis on single cell gene expression, single cell immune profiling, single nucleus gene expression, single cell multiome ATAC, and spatial gene expression. 

“The ROSALIND Single Cell Solution enables the rapid processing of data sets and provides scientists a best-in-class experience for annotating cell clusters and performing comparisons to explore their biology,” said Dr. Woong-Yang Park, CEO of Geninus. “Additionally, this powerful platform allows us to seamlessly share and collaborate with our customers, creating an interactive and engaging experience for both them and us.”

Founded in 2018, Geninus already has 16 patents and 165 scientific publications under its belt. Besides, it has partnered with 34 local and overseas companies and has snagged approximately 14 million in investment.


Delivering Data Analysis Solution to Prospective Clients

HELiXrUS, the third party in this collaboration, will streamline and provide local support service of the bioinformatics solution to prospective clients. They include clinicians, academic researchers, and pharmaceutical companies who work on translational life sciences or cancer-related topics in South Korea or other Asian markets.

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