Singapore’s Prestige Biopharma Prepares for Global Vaccine Deals, Constructs Global Vaccine Center in South Korea

Prestige Biopharma

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The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled global vaccine development as supply chains have stepped up their game in production capacity and uptime. Singapore-based Prestige Biopharma (PBP), which mainly focuses on antibody R&D, plans to add vaccine development and production to their core business. The company wants to initiate Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine production in Korea as early as August.

Vaccine Center in South Korea

PBP began construction of a vaccine production center in Osong, South Korea, in March to meet the global demands. The facility is expected to finish system validation and operate as soon as August and reach full production by the end of 2021.

The plant will include 50 units of 2,000 litre single-use bioreactors with accompanying seed train and downstream purification capacities, which accounts for a total capacity of 100,000 litres. What’s more, it will adopt the world’s first smart AI factory system in biomanufacturing designed to maximize the outcome and minimize the cost and human error.

Assistance in Vaccine Manufacturing

In April, PBP joined a consortium led by Korean biotech firm Huons Global to help manufacture Sputnik V in South Korea, and the vaccine center is going to play a big part in the plan. In addition to the COVID-19 vaccines, the facility will support and develop vaccines for infectious diseases in the future.

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