The 11th International Conference on Genomics Omics for All


The theme of the ICG-11 is “Omics for All – Global Partnership”. Following the spirit of the Human Genome Project (“HGP Spirit”), i.e. “Needed by All, Owned by All, Done by All, Shared by All”, the ICG-11 aims at building the international collaboration and global community in omics, focusing on topics related to “precision” – oriented medicine and healthcare, agriculture and poverty alleviation, green ecology and bio-economy, big data and biobanking, advanced intelligent manufacturing, and many more.





Preliminary Conference Topics (Call for Presentation and Poster Abstracts)

A. Go with Precision
a) Precision Medicine and Health
b) Precision Agriculture and Ecology
c) Precision Advanced Manufacturing
d) Big Data and Genebanking

B. Flow at Innovation
a) Life-economy Development
b) Technology Invention
c) Science Discovery

C. Dialogue on Future
a) Future City – A Dialogue with Global Renowned Mayors
b) Future Healthcare – A Dialogue with Global Leading Hospital Directors
c) Future Education – A Dialogue with Global Top University Presidents
d) Future Society – A Dialogue with Global Social and Bioethics Experts