Joseph T. Tseng’s Biography

Joseph T. Tseng, Associate Professor, National Cheng-Kung UniversityJoseph-T.-Tseng20165611

Dr. Joseph T. Tseng is an Associate Professor of Biotechnology and Bioscience industry at the Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan. He also named as the deputy director of Center of Genomic Medicine, NCKU to lead the service team of NGS and molecular diagnosis. Prior to his NCKU appointment, he worked at biotech company to develop diagnosis kit. He received his B.S degree in Electrical Engineering from National Chiao-Tung University and Ph.D degree in Life Science from national Tsing-Hua University. Therefore, Dr. Tseng not only familiar with wet-bench work, but also the dry-bench work. His research is focusing on translational regulation mechanism, including IRES, uORF and specialized ribosome. Besides, he is also developing novel genome technologies to accelerate the cancer biomarker discovery.

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