Sehyun Shin’s Biography

Sehyun Shin, Professor & Director, Korea UniversitySehyun-Shin20155306

Sehyun Shin is the professor of School of Mechanical Engineering at Korea University. He received his B.Sc. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Seoul National University, and his PhD in Mechanical engineering and Mechanics from Drexel University in 1993. He is currently the president of International Society of Clinical Hemorheology (ISCH) and the editor of Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology. His research efforts include microfluidics, non-Newtonian fluids, hemorheology, surface plasmon resonance, and biomedical microdevices. He is Director of NRF-funded Liquid Biopsy Research Center and of the KHIDI-funded Future Integrative Medical Device Development Center.

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