Sung-Liang Yu’s Biography

Sung-Liang Yu, Professor, Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical Biotechnology, National Taiwan University College of Medicine

Dr. Sung-Liang Yu is a professor at Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Sung-Liang-Yu20162502Medical Biotechnology, Graduate Institute of Pathology, Institute of Medical Device and Imaging, Center for Optoelectronic Biomedicine and Center for Genomics Medicine, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University (NTU). He was graduated from School of Medical Technology, NTU in 1986 and received his PhD degree from Institute of Microbiology & Immunology, National Yang-Ming University in 1999. Prof. Yu is devoted to the development of gene testing for precision medicine in cancers, infectious diseases and mental diseases, particularly for lung cancer, in the past 16 years. He manages two national core facilities, one for genomics and the other for translational medicine, and establishes many state-of-the-art microarray and next generation sequencing platforms for assays of genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics and Cellomics. Prof. Yu also serves as a consultant for NTU hospital and the member of advisory board of international Pharmas to make researchers and clinicians easier to solve their difficulties and satisfy the clinical unmet needs. Currently the one of development directions of Prof. Yu is to develop cfDNA-based and CTC-based non-invasion diagnosis assays for therapeutic decision and to explore the contribution of cancer heterogeneity in remote metastasis and drug resistance as well as immune therapy.

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